7 Secrets of Super-Successful Video Marketing

It’s time to talk about video marketing! Nowadays, it has become indispensable to build a highly successful video marketing strategy. But it does not happen overnight, you know! Well, it’s also not as overwhelming as it might sound or appear.

Video marketing is not just effective but powerful and enduring as well. Statistics back this up, suggesting that 96% of the marketing professionals are investing money in this form of marketing, with 91% of them fully satisfied with their returns on investment.


No stress, no pressure, and no running here and there, and you can have your video marketing plan ready in seconds. All thanks to top-quality video maker tools like InVideo readily available online.

There’s nothing much that you need to do. Follow a few important steps and tips, and you can easily direct and adjust your marketing campaign the way you like. Wondering how you can transform numbers into sheer value for your business?

The secrets below will help you get right on the path to success.


1. Make Effective Use of All-Available Social Platforms

So, you have got the most fantastic video! What next? You need to launch it, right? Plan for the most exciting launch! But how’s it possible? The answer is simple- post it everywhere. Yes, you got it right; choosing all the available social media platforms for posting your video will extend the reach of your business.

Go for all of them, starting from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and Twitter. Get going with your video marketing plan on all these platforms and remain assured of having new audiences to watch, share, and like your videos on all of them.

Of course, using these platforms will have its own pros and cons but try maintaining an active presence on all of them.


2. Have Logistics in Proper Place

You know, video marketing is all about being as creative as you can. The whole procedure is a balance of pleasure and business. However, if you want to evaluate the value of the effort and time you invest in your marketing, make sure to set the right base for success.

This requires defining clear goals. You must start with the simple concept of getting more traffic on your site. Also, start small means and expect only two customers from the video.
Starting simple or starting small does not matter. What really matters is starting somewhere and with something.

3. Have a Single but Focused Message

As has already been said, you must have a clear goal behind posting your video. You must also get answers to questions like what you want your audience to do post watching your video and what audiences you are speaking to.

Remember, most of the individuals online will be watching your video for just two to three minutes. So, answering these questions right at the beginning of your content will help you deliver the best package to your target audience.

4. Give Clear Call to Actions for Drawing the Viewers In

Videos require the right hook, so the audiences do not just watch them but are forced to take proper action. Of course, the first ten seconds of your video really count. These are the 10 crucial seconds that determine whether your target audience will watch the remaining part of the video or not.

So, it makes complete sense to create the right beginning by using unconventional techniques such as bold graphics or blurred images to engage the viewers. At the same time, you must not forget the importance of the right call to action.

Getting creative with the CTS will help you produce genuine buyers of your products and services. You can get creative by adjusting the placement, copy, and color of the CTAs along with other factors. This will be a measurable and easy way of increasing conversions.

5. Sound On and Sound Off

People play the majority of the videos on Facebook without sound. Around 85% of the videos on all social platforms are played with sound off. Thus, having an idea of how engaging your content is without sound or in silent mode is very important.

Your video must be compelling enough to garner the attention of the viewers, even with sound-off. It must get the audience in action even without audio. If you find more and more viewers watching your video without sound, it speaks of the effectiveness of your content.

6. Plan Out Properly with Targets Set in the Right Way

Be as creative as you can with your marketing videos. This is important because it is the creative aspect of your video that will either make or break the success of your marketing campaign.

However, the creative aspect should not take over the significance of the technical aspect of your content. Initially, you must have a very well-defined and targeted plan. This plan must include everything from the cast and theme of the video to scripts, equipment, and budget.

Remember, improper planning will get you nowhere!

7. Remember: The World Operates on Mobile These Days!

If you go by reports, people are more likely to watch videos on their smartphones instead of their computers, with 92% of the mobile video viewers sharing content with their friends.

With more and more people connecting to the internet through their phones, the world has gone fully mobile. You must capitalize on it by going for live video and vertical video stories. Do not just stick to laptops or desktops and stay behind others.

The Bottom Line

Quality always triumphs over quantity; keep this in mind while creating videos for your marketing strategy. You must aim at creating valuable and influencing videos instead of working on making them long. Provide information about your brand instead of simply creating stories that are of no use. And follow the secret shared above without fail. Upwards and onwards always!

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