‘Bridgerton’ Leapfrogs ‘Cobra Kai’ To Take Over US Streaming Lead; ‘Outside The Wire’ Joins Netflix Top 10 Sweep – Deadline

Bridgerton jumped back in front Cobra Kai to recapture first place in Nielsen’s US streaming chart for the week of January 11-17, with a sci-fi movie Outside the wire help Netflix sweep the top 10.

The period romance produced by Shonda Rhimes drew just under 1.4 billion total viewing minutes, exceeding Cobra Kai, which had 1 billion. Netflix crowned Bridgerton its the most-watched original of all time, with 82 million subscribed households worldwide sampling it in its first month of using the service.

Night Stalker: In Search of a Serial Killer came third for the week, with 867 minutes of viewing despite the true crime streak having only four episodes. Outside the wire, a sci-fi film starring Anthony Mackie, drew 556 minutes of viewing, well for ninth place.

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Netflix took every spot in the top 10, ending a streak of weeks where Disney broke through with weekly wins for the Pixar movie Soul and Star wars derivative series The Mandalorian.

Nielsen only measures viewing in the United States via a TV, which excludes mobile and international, two important sources of streaming. It also only tracks Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney +, excluding HBO Max and Peacock for now.

On the expanded Nielsen rankings of all originals, which excludes acquired pillars like Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy, Disney + had two shows in the top 10: WandaVision and The Mandalorian.

WandaVision, which is in its first season as Marvel’s first Disney + original, has collected 434 million viewing minutes. Its lifespan, around 30 minutes per episode, does not help its Nielsen format viewing total. (Netflix, by comparison, counts a “view” like any viewing of any title for at least two minutes.) Additionally, WandaVision is not released in frenzy. There were two episodes on the platform, an unusually generous allowance by Disney + standards, but those first two are the only ones counted in the Nielsen snapshot in mid-January.

The Mandalorian, whose second season ended in December, racked up 339 million viewing minutes for its 16 episodes in total, Nielsen said.

On the list of movies, Amazon Prime Video One night in Miami broke through the top 10, finishing No. 5 with 188 million minutes watched.

Here is the full main ranking of streaming titles, including originals, acquired shows and movies, with the number of episodes and total number of minutes watched:

Bridgerton, 8 episodes, 1.4 billion minutes
Cobra Kai, 30 episodes, 1B min.
Night Stalker: In Search of a Serial Killer, 4 eps., 867M min.
Criminal minds, 285 eps., 853M min.
Grey’s Anatomy, 366 eps., 711M min.
Mariposa de Barrio, 91 eps., 621 M min.
Supernatural, 328 eps., 591M min.
Schitt Creek, 80 eps., 577M min.
Outside the wire, film, 556M min.
The best of LA, 13 eps., 546M min.

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