House Passes Bill to Increase Covid-19 Relief Checks to $ 2,000 – Deadline

UPDATE, 4:01 p.m. PT: The House overwhelmingly voted to overturn President Donald Trump’s veto on a $ 740 billion defense bill, paving the way for similar action in the Senate.

Trump opposed the bill because it did not repeal Section 230, the provision of the Communications Decency Act that grants technology platforms legal immunity for how they moderate the third party content.

The House vote was 322-87. This is the first veto waiver of Trump’s presidency.

PREVIOUSLY: On Monday, the House passed an increase in Covid-19 direct payments to $ 2,000 per person, after Democratic leaders responded to President Donald Trump’s call for much larger stimulus checks.

The bill passed 275-134, achieving the 2/3 majority needed for its passage. The bill is now sent to the Senate.

Donald Trump signs Covid-19 relief and government funding bill

Trump was initially reluctant to sign a huge Covid-19 relief package, complaining that the payments of $ 600 per person were insufficient and should be increased to $ 2,000. After much drama, he finally signed the law on Sunday night.

Pelosi – who backed the higher payouts – had already scheduled a vote.

It’s unclear when or if Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would take the increased payments to the floor. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said he plans to call a vote on Tuesday.

Representative Richard Neal (D-MA), Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, said: “For the future of Christmas, Marley warned Scrooge that there was a way of redemption and that it was thanks to a new generosity and a new kindness, and we could emulate that here this afternoon by increasing that impact payment from $ 600 to $ 2,000. The miracle of this season would remain the triumph of light for those who are in desperate need of our help.

Rep Kevin Brady (R-TX) opposed the increase in payouts. “For me, I’m worried that this $ 463 billion will not be enough to stimulate the economy or put the unemployed back to work.” He predicted that many would use the extra $ 1,600 to pay off credit card debt or to keep savings or “even make new online purchases at Walmart, Best Buy, or Amazon.”

Later Monday, the House is expected to overturn Trump’s veto on a major defense bill, which would be a rare bipartisan White House rebuke.

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