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Irish actress Clare Dunne stars in Se, a heartbreaking drama about a single mother who, after escaping an abusive partner, aims to rebuild her life in a unique way. After months of struggling with the welfare and housing systems, she comes up with the idea of ​​building an affordable house on her own and, with the help of friends and neighbors, rebuilds her life and theirs from zero.

“I just had a friend who was basically in this similar situation,” Dunne said during the Amazon Studios film panel at Deadline’s Contender Film Awards season event. “She didn’t go on building a house like Sandra, but I was inspired, I guess, by the unfairness of it all.

The photo, which had its world premiere at Sundance last year, marks director Phyllida Lloyd’s first feature film since 2011. iron Lady. Lloyd, who previously worked with Dunne in an all-female stage version of Julius Caesar, was impressed with Dunne and co-author Malcolm Campbell’s approach to the story.

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“I felt that Clare was not only talking to those of us who are lucky enough to feel safe in our own home and who could push for more justice for women in this area, but she was also talking to the women themselves- themselves and offered them a message of hope. Lloyd says of what drew her to the project.

“Sandra herself was an indomitable character,” Lloyd adds. “She was by no means a victim. She was the kind of agent of our own change.

In the film, Sandra’s journey of independence is supported by a substantial offering from Peggy, played by Harriet Walter, the sickly woman she helps care for and who is also transformed in some way by Sandra’s ambition.

“What I loved is that thanks to the agency seeing Sandra’s quest to help herself, that’s what I think really puts Peggy on her side,” Walter remarks. , who also worked with Lloyd in stage productions. “She is very supportive of that on a philosophical level.

Dunne hopes that those who watch Sandra’s story are also inspired by her “handyman” mentality.

“There’s something so empowering about having the initiative just to start something. You don’t necessarily need to know all the how, why, and how, but just start and ask for help. It literally helps you help yourself.

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