John Oliver examines Trump’s impeachment trial – Deadline

There has been a lot of news since Last week tonight with John Oliver last aired in November, as the launch of the vaccine rollout, Wall Street’s Game Stop extravagance, and a week-long obsession with sea songs – whatever. That said, Oliver has decided to kick off Season 8 with one of last week’s most urgent reporting: Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

Democrats presented a compelling forensic case on Trump’s clear role as instigator of the January 6 riots and in response his lawyers mounted a defense that could charitably be termed ‘incoherent’ with dots faint ranging from a lawyer recalling his childhood record collection. to another subjecting the Senate to an 11-minute video of Democrats simply using the word ‘fight’, ”Oliver said. It might have looked like they might not be trying very hard, but maybe that’s because they didn’t really have to. He pointed out that Ted Cruz even met with Trump’s lawyers while the case was still ongoing to tell them the outcome was already all but determined and they had already won.

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“The point is, he was right,” Oliver admitted. He added that Republicans would acquit the former Celebrity apprentice host no matter what is a “depressing sign of the depth of Trumpism in their party”. However, at the state level it is even worse.

More than a dozen state lawmakers attended the “Stop the Steal” rally that preceded the riots and one of them, Derrick Evans, a new West Virginia state lawmaker, entered. inside and claimed he was a member of the media for “movie history”, the footage he filmed seemed to speak differently as he was seen shouting “Trump!” and participate delightfully in the insurrection.

Evans has since resigned – but there are more.

The Oregon GOP released a statement saying the riots were a “false flag” operation designed to discredit Trump while Michigan’s top Republican-elect Mike Shirkey released false statements saying the deadly riots were a hoax and that they had been pre-arranged by someone who finances even though Trump who repeatedly tweeted about the January 6 protest saying things like “Be there, will be wild.”

Meanwhile, the Arizona Republican Party censored three members for not supporting Trump enough, including Cindy McCain. They also retweeted and tweeted messages that helped fuel the fire that would break out later on January 6, including a quote from 2008 Rambo film that said: “This is what we do, who we are.” Live for Nothing or Die for Something ”in the Stop the Steal campaign.

Additionally, Arizona Republican senators have also tried to hold the Maricopa County Supervisory Board in contempt for refusing to hand over ballots and inspecting machines. A GOP lawmaker in Arizona also introduced a bill that would allow the legislature to revoke electoral certification. In other words, if it was a law in November, the state would have given the electoral votes to Trump.

Republicans across the country have yet responded to what has been called “the safest election in US history” by pushing for laws that will continue to make voting more difficult. Arizona introduced 19 restrictive voting bills while 33 states introduced more than 165 restrictive bills this year.

Fortunately, there is HR1 and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act that can curb all this voter suppression – but there is a catch. These bills have a good chance of being passed if they end the filibuster. To do this, all Democrats must be on board – Joe Manchin doesn’t want to kill the filibuster. It makes it difficult.

“It’s bad enough [he’s] Defending filibuster to defend the legacy of Robert C. Byrd, a man who literally tried to block the original voting rights law in 1964, ”Oliver said. Byrd used what Manchin advocates in the worst possible way.

“It would be like promoting Zoom by reminding everyone that Jeffrey Toobin used it,” Oliver joked.

Besides Manchin, Oliver points out that Democrats like Kyrsten Sinema and Dianne Feinstein have defended filibuster while President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have remained “lukewarm” on the issue.

“Democrats just can’t afford to rest on their laurels right now – Republicans certainly aren’t!” he insisted. “They have made it clear that they are ready to take things to drastic levels and Democrats just don’t seem ready to deal with this threat just yet.

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