Los Angeles has 5 current Covid-19 outbreaks involving youth sports – Deadline

Schools reopening in Los Angeles County show excellent compliance with Covid-19 protocols, the county’s public health director said on Monday. She said campuses are safe for children, but youth sports are more of a challenge and stricter rules for participants could be implemented.

Director Barbara Ferrer said the five current Covid-19 outbreaks involving schools – three in Santa Clarita and one each in Redondo Beach and Agoura Hills – “are all associated with participation in youth sports, and no to school attendance. “

“We know that masking and distancing can be a challenge in some sports, and that socializing during these activities off the school campus could also be a factor in transmitting the virus among these groups,” she said. “We are carefully reviewing the current guidelines for youth sports and may make additional recommendations later this week to mitigate the increases we are seeing in transmission among youth participating in sports.”

12 fully vaccinated Los Angeles residents infected with Covid-19, says county health official

Current outbreaks involve students participating in soccer, basketball, baseball and dancing.

However, going to school in itself turns out to be a safe decision, she said. She said that of the school campuses visited by health inspectors, more than half had perfect rates of compliance with Covid-19 protocols, while 35% had compliance of 90% or more and 10% had compliance of 80 to 89%.

“Students are pretty safe in schools as long as safety protocols are followed,” she says.

Overall, Ferrer maintained his “cautious optimism” about the county’s battle with COVID-19, noting a 98% drop in average daily cases since the winter flare, as well as a 94% drop in hospitalizations daily and 97% of deaths.

“With these stable and continuous case rates and the positivity of daily tests of around 1% on average, we can all hope that our progress on slowing transmission is not an illusion,” she said. “However, if we hope to maintain this remarkable progress, we must be realistic about the risks that accompany our return to the places and activities that were so part of our lives before the pandemic. We must ensure that we take reasonable precautions in the coming weeks as we vaccinate more people. “

She pointed out, however, an increase in the number of cases in other parts of the country, mainly on the east coast, but scattered in other regions. She noted that Michigan is now registering 7,000 new cases per day and that the daily rate of cases in Pennsylvania has nearly doubled over the past month. The increases are likely due in large part to highly infectious variants of COVID-19, but Ferrer also noted that all states with increases have “significantly relaxed” their restrictions on businesses and other gatherings.

“While in the past, high rates of transmission on the East Coast translated weeks later into increased cases in LA County, I don’t think this pattern is inevitable,” Ferrer said. “Our situation is different today than in the past because we have millions of residents and workers vaccinated.”

She added, “We in Los Angeles are in a good position right now, and we have the opportunity to chart a different course than what we see unfolding in other parts of the country. But we will only be able to do it if we do it together … There has never been more evidence of the importance for us of taking care of each other, especially now that many of us are returning to work. and at school. We can do it, but we can only do it if we work together. “

The county reported 18 more deaths on Monday, bringing the cumulative total to 23,641.

Another 337 cases were also reported, bringing the total for the entire pandemic to 1,229,311.

The number of cases and deaths tend to be lower on Mondays due to late reporting over the weekend.

According to state figures, 465 people were hospitalized in Los Angeles County due to COVID-19, up from 470 on Sunday. The number of people in intensive care fell below 100, reaching 96.

More than 6 million doses of the vaccine have now been administered in the county, including 2,239,672 second doses – meaning the number of people are fully vaccinated. To date, at least 230,000 people had received the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine at “county-controlled” vaccination sites before use of the vaccine was discontinued, while federal authorities are investigating a half a dozen cases of people developing severe blood clots.

City News Service contributed to this report.

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