Minecraft 1.16.221 APK for Android – Caves & Cliffs

Download Minecraft PE 1.16.221 FULL for Android you can do it here. In this update, Mojang fixed 5 issues. For example: paint visibility issue, PS4 issue, Realms issues, game crash and crash when loading behavior pack.

Minecraft 1.16.221 APK Fixes 

  1. Paintings become visible again when placed (MCPE-121718).
  2. Fixed some cases where the game would not start after the loading screen after updating on PS4 (MCPE-58897, MCPE-84790)
  3. Fixed a soft crash that occurred when trying to set friend permissions on a realm in the initial invite.
  4. Fixed a crash that could occur during gameplay.
  5. Fixed a crash that could occur when loading behavior packets containing game tests.

Download Minecraft 1.16.221 APK

What’s new in Minecraft 1.16.221 APK Version

Ancient Debris

  • It is a rare ore that can be found in Nether.
  • It can be refined into a netherite scrap by melting it in a furnace or blast furnace.
  • A diamond pickaxe or better is required to mine it.


  • Can be found in Soul sand valleys and basalt deltas.
  • Can be worked in polished basalt

Black stone

  • Naturally occurring in basalt deltas and basalt remnants.
  • Can be used to make stone tools, furnaces, slabs, stairs and walls.

Netherite Block

  • Can be made from 9 ingots of netherite.
  • Can be used as a beacon base.
  • Cannot be burned in lava or fire.


  • Generated in Bastion Remnants.
  • Crafted from iron ingots and iron nuggets.
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Crimson and deformed mushroom

  • Generates in crimson and deformed forests.
  • Crimson and Deformed Nylium
  • Can be spread to the lower channel using bone meal in a lower channel block next to a block of nylium.
  • Crimson and deformed planks

Does not burn.

  • Made from the respective stem.
  • Crimson and deformed roots

Foliage that is generated in crimson and deformed forest biomes, as well as in soul sand valleys.
Crimson and deformed stems

Blocks that make up the trunks of huge mushrooms.
Does not burn.

Download Minecraft 1.16.221 APK

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