Telemundo Launches Morning News Show With ‘Hoy Dia’ – Deadline

When Telemundo launches a revamped morning show on Monday, Hoy Dia, it will be a bet that Spanish speaking viewers crave a more topical format in the morning hours.

The three-hour morning show, which will replace A Nuevo Día, will feature a new group of hosts, including news anchors Arantxa Loizaga, Nacho Lozano and Nicole Suarez.

“Telemundo understands the great responsibility of keeping our community informed, and that is why Telemundo decided to do a makeover, to do the morning show again,” Loizaga said in an interview.

Citing the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on Latinos as well as the impact of the community in the 2020 presidential results, she said: “We understand the importance of being informed, of having all the resources they need to make the right decisions. for themselves and their families. “

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She described the show as similar to NBC’s Today but “in Spanish with a Latin twist.” (In the logo, the “h” in Hoy Dia is lowercase.)

The first 90 minutes will include headlines, journalist interviews and “information you can use”, presented in a less structured way and in a “creative and engaging format,” she said. The second half of the show will feature entertainment, lifestyle and weather, with Adamari Lopez and Stephanie Himonidis as the entertainment hosts. Alfredo Oropeza will be the executive chef and Carlos Robles will be the chief meteorologist.

Lozano said if he was keen to say that the show will “empower” the Latin American community, “they are already empowered.”

“So we’re going to provide the information, the argument to participate, and of course recognize the power that they already have,” he said.

He also said the show would recognize the diversity within the Latin American community.

“In order to empower them, we have to talk about it, with our work, with our culture, with our focus,” Lozano said.

In the aftermath of the 2020 election, pundits focused on the differences in the Hispanic vote, with Trump doing better than expected in Florida and Biden surprising by winning Arizona.

“The point is that we understand, and our politicians understand after this 2020 electoral cycle, that the Latino community, we are not a monolith. Not all people who speak Spanish are Mexican, right? This is a very important distinction that we want to make, ”Loizaga said.

She added: “Even though we all speak Spanish, we all have different cultures, and at Telemundo we recognize that. So, for example, for the Latin American community living in border towns, we understand that immigration is perhaps the top priority, and we are going to be able to respond to it. Maybe in northern agricultural states like Wisconsin or Iowa or Illinois, we know their priorities are living conditions, work for these meat processing plants, and the virus. … So we may be able to provide them with more information on the benefits of receiving the vaccine or their rights as employees.

Loizaga said the three news anchors will also bring different personalities to the show. She recently anchored Univision’s national weekend newsletter and has lived in the United States for 17 years after emigrating from Mexico. Lozano was a news anchor and radio and TV host at Grupo Imagen in Mexico, and “is very jovial and really funny,” she said. Suarez is news correspondent for Noticias Telemundo, and was born in the United States and raised in Chicago.

“With these three different approaches, we will be able to deliver something unique,” ​​she said.

As morning shows in Spanish have been primarily entertainment-oriented over the past decades, Loizaga said: Hoy Dia will stand out.

“We realized there was a need for more accurate and unbiased information and information, and that’s what we’re going to be able to provide to them,” she said.

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