‘Bosch’ executive producer Henrik Bastin launches Fabel Entertainment – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Henrik Bastin, the driving force behind Amazon’s crime drama series Bosch, is starting a new production company after leaving the Fabrik Entertainment joint venture of Red Arrow Studios.

Fabrik, who produced seven seasons of the proceedings ahead of Titus Welliver, the streamer’s oldest original, was a partnership between Los Angeles-based Swedish producer Bastin and the production arm of German broadcaster ProSiebeSat .1.

The new company will keep its development slate, including a series based on neurologist Oliver Sacks at Fox and adaptations of Chuck Palahniuk’s Invisible monsters and Stephen King’s The people at ten o’clock, and will continue with Melissa Aouate as president.

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Bastin told Deadline that he was excited to move on to new genres, including sci-fi, as well as returning to comedy, a genre that Fabrik dabbled in FX. The comedians with Billy Crystal and Josh Gad and based on a Swedish show Ulveson Och Herngren.

“I’m super excited. It will be different, but it’s still a production company and the devil will be in the details, ”he said.

This decision comes as ProSieben refocuses its production strategy with Red Arrow. The company was in advanced talks to sell the production division, with potential buyers, including All3Media, before the pandemic struck. A number of key executives have also left, including Jan Frouman, Michael Schmidt and James Baker, while Henrik Pabst has moved on to the broadcasting side.

“I had a great race with Red Arrow, they are great partners and it’s not just corporate bullshit,” added Bastin.

Fabrik also produced Examination at CBS All Access and My generation at ABC.


Bastin (right) said he was redeveloping his Sacks-inspired medical drama for Fox, who previously gave the project a pilot engagement in 2019, and is now working with Berlanti Productions on it.

The new company will be released soon with a TV version The people at ten o’clock, Stephen King’s news about a group of people in authority who are monsters in disguise as people, and who are in the early stages of discussions about the attachment of talent to an adaptation of Palahniuk Invisible monsters, a strange story of a disfigured woman who goes through multiple pseudonyms. “It will be a lot easier to do something that is cutting edge, that deals with a lot of social issues and that has a different way of telling stories if you have a big name as a star and a big creator,” he said. he adds.

Bastin’s relationship with author Michael Connelly, creator of Harry Bosch’s character, will continue and he will also continue to seek European scripted formats.

“When I moved to the United States, the format trade was easier because the shows came from public broadcasters and it was easier to make deals. It got more difficult because a lot of shows were made by streamers and they kept the format rights, but that’s still changing and we have a few formats that we’re looking at, ”he says.

Book adaptations will also play a big role and work closely with the authors. “I can’t compete with the bigger companies – there will always be someone who has a bigger portfolio than an independent company – but the great writers who don’t necessarily need the money but want to insure for someone to adapt their book the right way, that’s where we are, ”he said.

Finally, he is stepping up his work with new writers and already has a number of projects in development with platforms. “The biggest positive change that has happened over the past year and a half is that networks and streamers have finally started putting their money where they are in terms of new voices and are willing to take risks and that’s where we can compete. ”

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