‘Hotel Rwanda’, ‘Between Two Seas’ writing team on Serial Killer Show – Deadline

Oscar-winning writer-director Terry George (Rwanda Hotel) and the Egyptian writer Mariam Naoum (Between two seas) have been attached to co-write the serial killer series The Alexandria Murders of Front Row Filmed Entertainment and Middle East-based Yalla Yalla of Rocket Science.

Set in 1920 in Alexandria, when Egypt was under British rule, the series will tell the true story of Egyptian sisters Raya and Sakina. The sisters came from a poor neighborhood in Alexandria and came out of poverty to run a glamorous brothel operation, drawing on a powerful and influential circle of Egyptian officers, informants and statesmen and British. The rise and fall of their empire caused the sisters to increasingly rely on petty thefts, leading to the murder of 17 women in crimes of opportunity.

The show’s producers are Gianluca Chakra, Thorsten Schumacher and Terry George. The companies say the project will be the first part of a series of real crime anthologies based in the MENA region and taking place at different times and locations across the Arab world. The Alexandria Murders will be shot primarily in Arabic with English to reflect British rule.

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