Laila Bertheussen’s Story To Be Anonymous Content Limited Series – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Anonymous Content Nordic, the Norwegian division of Anonymous Content, is developing a limited series based on the high-profile trial of Laila Bertheussen, partner of ex-Norwegian Justice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara, and the events and circumstances that led to it. .

Bertheussen was today found guilty of threats to democracy and sentenced to 20 months in prison. She had pleaded not guilty to all counts, including setting her car on fire and vandalizing the family home.

The case, which cut through Norway, dates back to the 2018 theatrical series Ways to see, a play that blames Wara and other members of the right-wing Norwegian Progress Party for promoting racism and racist attitudes across the country.

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Bertheussen at the time objected to images of their home being used in production as a potential threat to their safety.

Soon mysterious acts of vandalism began to take place around Bertheussen’s house. A swastika and the word ‘racist’ were painted on his house, and his car was set on fire, among other incidents, with Bertheussen pointing to them as evidence that his safety concerns were justified.

But, following an investigation, Bertheussen was arrested in 2019 and charged with inflicting damage on her own property in an attempt to blame the performance hall and the theater production.

Wara, who prior to the arrest called the attacks a threat to democracy, testified during the trial, saying he believed his partner was innocent. In a mysterious twist, anonymous letters claiming responsibility for the attacks were obliterated at times when Bertheussen was out of the country.

“It’s a fascinating and important story that lays bare, in sometimes absurd and disturbing ways, our political climate and decides what is true,” said Morten Tyldum. “We look forward to bringing these extraordinary events to audiences around the world.”

Oslo-based Einar Films director Tyldum and Guri Neby teamed up with Anonymous Content in May 2019 to form Anonymous Content Nordic with the aim of bringing Norwegian and Nordic stories to global audiences. As part of this partnership, AC Nordic develops and produces premium content, already teaming up with award-winning Norwegian music-comedy duo Ylvis and their production company Concorde TV on a unique hybrid series. They are also developing scripted series based on the best-selling novel. History of bees by Maja Lunde and the popular comic Finnish nightmares by Karoliina Korhonen.

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