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EXCLUSIVE: Rocket Science launches worldwide sales before the Cannes market of a British psychological thriller under the radar She goes, the first film by British artist and filmmaker Charlotte Colbert with original music by Black Swan and Requiem for a dream composer Clint Mansell.

With Alice Krige (Carnival row), Kota Eberhardt (X-Men: Black Phoenix), Malcolm McDowell (A clockwork orange), Rupert Everett (The Happy Prince), Jon McCrea (Cruel) and Amy Manson (Nevers).

Currently in the final stages of post-production, the Brit List screenplay traces the story of Veronica Ghent (Krige) who, after a double mastectomy, goes to a healing retreat in rural Scotland with her young nurse Desi (Eberhardt). . There, she discovers that the process of such surgery opens questions about her very existence, leading her to begin to question and confront past traumas. The two develop an unlikely bond as mysterious forces give Veronica the power to take revenge in her dreams. Today we can also reveal a first frame from the film.

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The producers are planning an autumn debut for the feature film, which is produced by British group Popcorn (Land of Dalí) and produced by Ed Pressman (American psychopath). Jessica Malik and Bob Last directed the production.

Written by Kitty Percy and Colbert, the film was shot on location in Scotland with a high-end production crew including editor Yorgos Mavropsaridis (The favourite), cinematographer Jamie Ramsay (Mothers Day) and part of the same Jonathan Glazer’s crew Under the skin, which has been a touchstone for filmmakers.

Sam Pressman, Ed Clarke, Sam Cryer, Hannah Leader, Thorsten Schumacher and Sara Woodhatch are also executive producers. The freelance photo was funded through postal agreements, VXF agreements, private equity, tax credits and loan agreements.

“The story of She goes has themes that have always interested me in my practice and in my life, ”said Director Colbert. “How trauma blurs our experience of reality and time, how nature conceals so much comfort, how we all carry within us the muscle memory of those who came before and those who will come after, how the infinitely small, like a cell, contains the same models as the universe. How meaning and perspective, reality and time are all fragile constructions that can shatter at any time. The psychological horror genre seems to allow more artistic freedom than drama. He also captures these existential feelings in his heart. “

The film could be the next in a series of impressive genre debuts from British filmmakers after the mind-blowing breakthroughs of Emerald Fennell (Promising young woman) and pink glass (Sainte-Maud). Mansell was impressed enough to watch the film multiple times and commit to it shortly after receiving it.

“We were all fascinated and inspired by Charlotte’s incredibly confident debut. She created a visually stunning and haunting film with captivating performances. She goes marks a major new talent to note, ”commented Thorsten Schumacher of Rocket Science, who will be showing images to buyers in the coming weeks.

“I am very excited for the world to see soon She goes. I was blown away by Charlotte Colbert’s artistic vision and, having worked with many filmmakers for the first time in my career, I hold Charlotte in the highest regard, ”explained producer Ed Pressman, who got on board early.

Actor Malcolm McDowell added, “The visuals are amazing, quirky and unique. I came out very high from the shoot. I’m really glad I did. And I don’t say that often. I really don’t. But this time I can.

Rocket Science Cannes Film Festival list includes Sean Penn’s Flag day which is screened in Official Competition and that of Eva Husson Mothers Day which is screened in the Premiere section.

Colbert’s works have been exhibited at Somerset House, the V&A Museum of Childhood, the Saatchi Gallery, Art Basel and the Center Régional d’Art Contemporain de Sète. She wrote screenplays for Olivier Dahan, Eric Cantona, Tony Grisoni and Harry Wootliff and directed short films including The silent man (2016) with Simon Amstell and Sophie Kennedy Clarke.

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