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Live action from Disney + 101 Dalmatians spin off Cruel drew 686,000 US homes over the four-day Memorial Day weekend, according to today’s figures from Samba TV. That’s a number that’s 39% less than the 4-day Labor Day traffic for another Disney + Premier title, Mulan, which drew 1.12 million U.S. homes from September 4-7, 2020.

Both titles were available to Disney + subscribers at the additional cost (to own) of $ 29.99. While Mulan was not released in theaters in the United States due to the deeper phases of the pandemic last year, Cruel actually had the benefit of opening in 3,892 US / Canadian theaters last weekend for $ 26.5 million. By extrapolating the Disney + Premier money earned by Cruel in the homes of Samba TV, the film directed by Craig Gillespie generated an estimate $ 20.57M, and that’s money Disney doesn’t have to share with movie theater owners. All together, Cruel made $ 47.07 million in BO and Disney + Premier silver during its first weekend. Mulanthe first moolah of the weekend in the homes of Samba TV amounted to $ 33.58M.

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Samba TV only measures audience (at least 5 minutes) on SmartTV terrestrial televisions with a panel size of 3 million US households. Even though the numbers don’t tell the whole story of Cruelof total viewership, including mobile and online, Samba TV is one of the few surveillance measurement companies to monitor streaming audiences, and in a world where Disney + and its sister Hulu do not communicate official figures. Until the studios report, we will continue to report these issues of Samba TV. To Netflix’s credit, they actually reported that Zack Snyder’s recent zombie flick Army of the dead is among their top 10 most viewed households and is expected to reach 72 million global households within its first four weeks of using the service.

Regarding the quality of Emma Stone’s film last weekend, a Disney spokesperson said, “Memorial Day weekend marked the first time consumers had substantial viewing choice. of films since the start of the pandemic. CruelThe combined strong showing of s in theaters around the world and on Disney + with Premier Access illustrates that flexibility right now is essential and that the global demand for quality content is strong. “

Samba TV reports that Cruel drew 83,000 in UK HHs where it is available on Disney + for an additional £ 19.99. Calculated this works out to £ 1.66million or $ 2.35million. The film grossed $ 2.2 million for the UK soundtrack for a total of $ 16.1 million overseas.

Cruel also made 15,000 in Germany Samba TV HHs and 9,000 in Australia with a peak audience on Sunday. In the United States, over-indexed female viewers (+ 4%), as well as black female viewers (+ 2%), Hispanic female viewers (+ 52%), and Asian viewers (+ 53%). Of the 25 largest DMA markets, Los Angeles is the most over-indexed (+ 53%).

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