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EXCLUSIVE: Saoirse Ronan, Paul Mescal and LaKeith Stanfield will star in Enemy, an adaptation of Iain Reid’s best-selling science fiction novel. Lion director Garth Davis will be directing a screenplay he wrote with the author, and filming will begin in January in Australia. Pic takes the form of a flagship title of the upcoming Cannes virtual market, FilmNation negotiating international rights and CAA Media Finance and UTA’s Independent Film Group co-representing national rights.

“I was looking to do something in sci-fi, it was always on my bucket list, and also to find material I could do an actor piece with a cassav Maintain level of performance,” Davis told Deadline. “I read Enemy and I couldn’t let go. It’s incredibly suspenseful, very moving, and deals with science fiction in a most ingrained way that speaks to the direction we’re heading as a society, with a lot of questions we’ve all explored. thoroughly. And the love story broke my heart, this story of self-determination, fighting for the most precious things in our lives and reminding the public that this time we have here is precious and how we treat ourselves is the way we need to treat the planet. Enemy was just a focal point for me.

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The film is a tense, sensual, psychological puzzle set in the near future where corporate power and environmental degradation ravage the planet. Junior (Mescal) and Hen (Ronan) are a young couple who have been married for seven years and live alone on their isolated farm. One night, an alien named Terrance (Stanfield) knocks on their door, bringing life-changing news: Junior has been randomly selected to travel to a large experimental space station orbiting Earth. The most unusual part? Arrangements have already been made so that when he leaves, Hen will have no chance of missing him, as she will not be left alone, not even for a moment. Hen will have a familiar company that will lead her to make a decision that will change her life.

Producers are Kerry Kohansky-Roberts of Anonymous Content, Davis, and Emile Sherman and Iain Canning of See-Saw Films. Reid and Samantha Lang are the executive producers and the film is an Anonymous Content Studios production.

The film has a technological element, something Davis used with great success in Lion starring a protagonist who used Google Earth to track down his birth mother in India in a film that garnered six Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, and became one of the highest grossing Australian films of all time. As Lion, technology will serve what is fundamentally a human story. Davis said the key to this was her casting.

“The point of the film is that corporate power and environmental degradation is literally eating away at the natural world, not just the environment but from a human perspective, it eats away at society and takes away why we are meant to be here. and what connects us, “said Davis.” We’re losing our self-determination and our drive. What I love about Saoirse is you see her on screen and she’s so unfiltered and alive. She represents to me all the things we need to protect in the world. Putting her in the belly of this suspenseful and worrying story is all the point. What she represents is precious is an empath. She fights for the things we should all be fighting for. I was looking for an actress who had just those qualities and that beauty.

“Paul Mescal, he’s just a normal guy and you think he’s married to her and they’re from the same part of the world, which they actually do. I buy them as a rural couple. Then we have Terrance, who arrives in the middle of the night. It was really important to do it well. LaKeith is incredibly exciting to me. Terrance is the conductor of the story, the one who walks into their lives and changes them forever. How can we do this in a way that is not overtly sinister or calculating? LaKeith has this beautiful charm. You would like to let him in and you would like to know him, but as the story takes off there is a mystery, a vulnerability. He embodies it all in his eyes. When I spoke to him, he was very fascinated with our relationship with technology and eager to explore that in this story.

Davis is replaced by UTA; Reid by CAA and Transatlantic Agency; Ronan by CAA and Macfarlane Chard; Mescal by CAA and Curtis Brown; and Stanfield by CAA, Stark Management and Ginsburg Daniels.

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