Veer cancels her marriage to Chandni, also ends Jai and Bani’s marriage

The episode begins with Veer (Sharad Malhotra) telling Jai (Mohit Sehgal) and Bani (Surbhi Chandna) to end their marriage. He also tells Chandni that he cannot marry her. She says he has to pay for it. We can then see Veer having something unusual on his neck. It’s kind of a wound. We are then brought back 3 hours. We can see Balwant trying to kill Maarkaat but she injures him. Also Read – Naagin 5’s Surbhi Chandna Is Soaring Temperatures With Those HOT Clicks

Seeing Bani taking the pheras with Jai, Veer decides enough is enough and decides to leave Chandni. She confronts Bani who tells her that she was marrying Jai so that Veer would return. Chandni does his best to stop Veer, but he doesn’t listen. He falls from the moon and lands at home in an unconscious state. Balwant is happy that Veer has freed himself and tells Maarkaat that he is happy that Bani has won. Balwant returns home as people try to bring Veer into a conscious state. Balwant tells Bani that she is not at fault and that it was all fate. Bani refuses to believe this and tells her that she can change fate. He tells her that they could all have big problems. Read also – Surbhi Chandna, Sharad Malhotra, Karanvir Bohra – here are the TV Instagrammers of the week

Bani apologizes to Jai and thanks him for helping her. When she leaves, Veer is angry with Veer for always messing up her plans. Also Read – Naagin 5, Dec 26, 2020 Written Update: Chandni Tells Bani She Will Take Veer From Him; Bani is about to marry Jai

In the bedroom, Bani is declaiming Veer who is unconscious. She wants him to stand up and tie a ring to her. She tells him that if he doesn’t get up before he counts 5, she will kiss him. He doesn’t get up either, nor does Bani kiss him. Bani hears strange voices. She reached the room to find some sort of scorpion creature. She takes her naagin avatar to kill him. Soon more come and find that many creatures are starting to attack them. Veer gets up and sees them all in trouble. He tries to help them but cannot. A scorpion is about to attack Veer but Bani saves him and injures himself. We see Jai coming and saving them from the scorpions. He argues with Veer and tells her that he couldn’t save her.

The next morning, Bani gets up and asks Veer what happened. He does not say anything. Balwant walks into the room and tells Bani that Veer going to the moon was no good. Balwant leaves the room. Bani runs after him and asks him what’s going on. He says Veer will have more problems. Veer then tells Bani that he could be punished for not saving his family. He tells her he’s changed. Bani tells him that she will help him at all costs.

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