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Wendy Williams has achieved success in every professional field she has entered, from radio to publishing, on Broadway and television with her hit daytime talk show. The Wendy Williams Show.

But with the ups, there were a lot of downs. In fact, she’s experienced a wave of heartache and drama along the way, and Williams reveals it all in the Lifetime documentary. Wendy Williams: What a waste! The Limitless film, which she produced by management, discusses her health and weight issues, plastic surgery, miscarriages, past drug use and in particular her divorce from longtime husband Kevin Hunter. .

“It’s a great story to tell about a messy girl,” Williams explained during an appearance on Deadline’s Contenders Television: Documentary + Unscripted Awards-Season. “Very rarely do you see a person making a documentary that is still alive and thriving. … Our talk show is still relevant today.

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Williams sheds a lot of tears during the nearly 90-minute documentary. She says the process was therapeutic.

“It was very, very liberating and cleansing to tell my story,” she said. “And there isn’t a small part of the story that was a lie … I was very, very comfortable talking about things because I’m not lying, because then you have to remember your lies and you have to go back and re-lie and figure out what did I lie about?

Williams’ older sister and younger brother also appear in the film, as do her mom and dad, commenting on what Wendy was like growing up in New Jersey and her struggles as an adult.

“Somehow I’ve always been the lost,” Williams said of her childhood. “It was only, honestly, that my parents saw the double doors open [on her TV talk show] they said, “Ohmygosh. “”

Williams’ mother, Shirley, passed away in December 2020 at the age of 85.

“I like to watch [the documentary] because my mom is telling her truth, ”Williams said. “And even though she’s passed away, she’s with me every day.

The Wendy Williams Show is in its 12th season. The host is already considering her future every time the show leaves the air.

“I love being on the talk show every day. But I know all good things have to come to an end and I foresee, when the show ends, I will still be living here in New York, which I love, ”said Williams. “I want to be part of the social scene that raises funds for the less fortunate. And I really want to be there to do it, not send a check in the mail… I also want to go back to class… I want to be a teacher! I do.”

Check back on Monday for the panel video.

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