WME Says WGA Tactics Are ‘Useless’, But ‘Will Persist’ In Trying To Reach Deal – Deadline

WME said today it will continue its efforts to reach an agreement with the WGA for a new franchise deal, even as the guild rejected its latest proposal to end their long legal battle over packaging fees and agency affiliations with production entities linked to the company.

The guild yesterday rejected the agency’s latest proposal, saying “WME has yet to seriously address its own conflicts of interest.” The guild also listed several areas where WME tried to strike a better deal than the one accepted by CAA earlier this month. WME is now the last major talent agency not to sign the guild terms.

WGA rejects deal proposed by WME; Agency says it “still has to tackle” its “conflicts of interest”

WGA rejects deal proposed by WME; Agency says it ‘still has to tackle’ its ‘conflicts of interest’

On December 18, a federal judge overseeing their antitrust lawsuit urged them to settle the dispute before it goes to trial. “Come on guys. Meet. Do that, ”US District Court Judge André Birotte Jr. told lawyers for WME and WGA in a virtual hearing.

Judge urges WGA & amp; WME to resolve the dispute: “Come on people. Meet. Do it. “

“WME presented an updated proposal that made a series of concessions just four days after our hearing on December 18,” WME said in a statement today. “We have made it clear our willingness to engage in a more in-depth dialogue with the WGA at any time during the holidays. We know this is how all of the other agencies ultimately came to an agreement – they had the opportunity to chat with the Guild to meet their specific needs, and this is what we have continually tried to do in the purpose of reaching an agreement. However, instead of responding directly to us, once again we learned indirectly through media reports that our proposal was rejected by way of a leaked letter from the WGA bargaining committee sent to members of the the guild. There was no opposition to our proposal, nor any offer of meeting and dialogue. While we find this tactic unnecessary in reaching a resolution, we will persist in our efforts to reach a new franchise agreement. “

WME has not made the terms of its latest proposal public, but Deadline has learned that they include WME’s agreement that it will sell 80% of its stake in Endeavor Content – its production subsidiary – while seeking to secure acquired rights in everything that is already in production. from the date of signing – as opposed to the submission fitshopee of June 30, 2022, which is in the CAA agreement. WME also agreed that once Endeavor Content is sold, WME and Silver Lake Partners – its owners of private equity – will not own more than 20%.

WME maintains that its affiliation with Endeavor Content is very different from CAA’s interest in wiip, CAA’s production entity. Endeavor Content had over 200 projects in development, funded or put into production over the past year and has over 150 employees. Wiip, on the other hand, is much smaller in comparison. WME believes that it is unreasonable to try to adapt the terms of wiip to the Endeavor content.

WME also believes it can still come to an agreement with the WGA if the two sides can strike up a conversation instead of fighting in the press.

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