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The delayed season 2 of Everything will be alright finally bowed in April, marking the return of the Freeform comedy created and produced by and starring Australian comedian Josh Thomas.

Thanks to the shutdown of production due to the pandemic, the planned arc of the series for its second season has had to change. The result is a more introspective story in Okay, which centers on Thomas’ Nicholas, an Australian entomologist in his twenties who is raising his two teenage half-sisters Matilda (Kayla Cromer) and Genevieve (Maeve Press) after their father’s death. Matilda is autistic – and by the end of episode 209, “Carolina Spinx Moth,” it becomes clear that Nicholas could be too (Thomas, in real life, was diagnosed the same between seasons of the series).

It all starts on the page: read the final script for season 3 of “Search Party” by co-creators Sarah-Violet Bliss and Charles Rogers

The script, written by Allison Lyman & Thomas, is part of It Starts on the Page of Deadline, the series that highlights the scripts that will serve as the creative backbone of the ongoing TV awards season. The scripts are all Emmy nominees this year and were selected for our series using criteria that include rave reviews, selection from a wide range of networks and platforms, and a mix of established and lesser-known shows.

Episode 209, the penultimate of the second season, begins with the aftermath of Nicholas and Alex (Adam Faison) breaking up – “We’ve been in a different movie,” Alex overwhelmingly tells Nicholas – so that they are getting ready for the wedding of Matilda and Drea, who is also on the spectrum. This leads Drea’s mother (Maria Bamford) to suggest that Nicholas may also be autistic. He spends the rest of the episode pushing the idea off, but at the end of it he’s in a doctor’s office filling out some papers.

All of this leads to tying some of the loose ends (and a knot) in the Season 2 finale that aired last week, but not all of them; there has not yet been a decision on a renewal.

Avalon Television is producing the series, which is produced by Thomas, Stephanie Swedlove and Kevin Whyte, with David Martin, Jon Thoday and Richard Allen-Turner as executive producers.

Read the script here:

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